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Fossil Turtles and Crocodiles from the Caenozoic of S-Asia

Fossil Turtles and Crocodiles from the Caenozoic of S-Asia pdf document [34.7 MB]

By Srivastava, R. & Schleich, H.H., 2018

Size A5, 311 pages, 55 plates
45 color photographs,
83 black/white line drawings

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Fieldguide of Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal:

Field Guide of Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal

By Kästle, W., Rai, K. & Schleich, H., 2013

Size A 5, 625 pages, 52 plates,
156 color photographs, 180 maps,
over 1000 black/white illustrations.

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Field Guide

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Field Identification Cards:

ARCO-Nepal Field ID Cards

On 40 pages 18 full A 5 size colour photographs of all turtles known to occur or possibly existing in Nepal are shown. Accompanying texts are in Nepali and English and shall help for the identification in the field.

Front and back cover are plastified, the whole is spiral bound and printed on 250g paper for easy handling.

Independently are listed on three pages the conservation status of the species treated. The Field ID Cards have been made particularly for National Park staff and other researchers in the field of turtle conservation.

ISBN: 978-3-9814938-5-6.
Citation: ARCO-Nepal Field ID Cards.- 2012; pp. 40.
price EUR 14.-- + postage EUR 9.60.

Field Guide

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Nepali study books:

Larissa Kiesl & Hermann Schleich
Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal: Turtles

2016, engl./nepali, pp. 53 20 colour photos, 18 drawings
ISBN 978-3-9814938-6-3
EUR 12.-- without shipping

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Turtle Study Book

Hermann Schleich & Kaluram Rai
Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal:
Lizards and Crocodiles

2012, engl./nepali, pp. 39
25 colour photos, 14 drawings
ISBN 978-3-9814938-1-8
EUR 9.-- without shipping

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Lizard Study Book

Hermann Schleich & Kaluram Rai
Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal: Snakes

2012, engl./nepali, pp. 45
35 colour photos, 16 drawings
ISBN 978-3-9814938-2-5
EUR 9.-- without shipping

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Snakes Study Book

Hermann Schleich & Kaluram Rai
Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal: Amphibians

2012, engl./nepali, pp. 32
33 colour photos, 11 drawings
ISBN 978-3-9814938-3-2
EUR 9.-- without shipping

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Amphibians Study Book

Orders: ARCO c/o Crtjo Sol y Vida, Pago los Oñas, E-04200 Tabernas

Article in Turtle Survival August 2013
Nepal's Budo Holy Turtle Rescue and Conservation Center Under Construction pdf document
By Henk Zwartepoorte & Hermann Schleich

Article in der Elaphe 2012
Ein neues Schildkrötenschutz projekt im Südosten Nepals: Das Budoholi Turtle Conservation Centre pdf document
Text by Markus Baur, Kalu Ram Rai & Henk Zwartepoorte
Photos by Hermann Schleich

Amphibians of Kangchenjunga-Singalilla Complex, Nepal (2011)
By Kalum Ram Rai 'Khambu'

Amphibians of Nepal
Amphibians of Nepal - Contents

H. Hermann Schleich
Turtle Conservation by ARCO Nepal

TRIONYX 2003 1(1):13-17 / Uitgave van de NSV "Nederlandse Schildpadden Vereniging

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H. Hermann Schleich & Werner Kästle (Eds.)

Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal (2002)

English. 1200 pages, 377 colour photographs. Hardcover. € 149 / US$ 166
ISBN 3-904144-79-0 (079273)

Nepal owes its rich diversity of over 50 amphibian and 130 reptile species to its unique geographic conditions. The country forms a gigantic flight of steps from the Gangetic Plain to the Tibetan Plateau, with climatic belts from the subtropics to eternal snow. Situated at the transitional zone between the Palearctic and Oriental zoogeographic regions, its herpetofauna consists of a mixture of Indian, Himalayan, Indo-Malayan, Tibetan, Chinese and SW Asian elements.

In spite of the fact that the herpetological exploration of Nepal began almost 200 years ago, there are still many open questions. Even the distribution of several deadly venomous snake species is almost unknown. Above all information on the East was very scarce, and recent expeditions brought surprising new records, including hints on the occurrence of a species of Flying Dragons. This book intends a critical stock-taking of today’s knowledge, including general ambient conditions, aspects of ethno-herpetology, conservation, snakebite incidents and zoogeography. The special part consists of illustrated keys as well as detailed paragraphs on each of the species. Besides the characters which are necessary for identification, there is a wealth of information on biological details of ecology, behaviour and reproduction.

Especial emphasis is laid on verified records from Nepal, which are plotted on a grid map for each species. A regional map shows the distribution of each species in Nepal and the adjacent countries. Two detailed lists furnish data on distribution in Nepal. One of them compiles the recorded localities for every species (in several cases over 100), the other gives geographic information on localities as elevation and position on the grid maps.Over 2,000 marginal drawings supplement the identification keys and provide additional information on morphological and biological details. 127 colour plates with 377 pictures illustrate over 130 species which are – with few exceptions – taken from life and often present different aspects of one species as variable colour patterns, sexes and developmental stages. 21 photos present typical habitats, others illustrate threats to the species as frog hunting, "killing for precaution", souvenir market or inadequate keeping in temples.Up to our days printed information on amphibians and reptiles of Nepal consisted of more or less critically viewed checklists or even fantastic compilations without any solid base. Additionally, there were no general identification keys available.

This book now furnishes a solid base for future herpetological research, which is not only of scientific interest, but can help to reduce the number of snakebite victims drastically or help to avert imminent extermination of threatened species. Due to its rich illustration and an ample chapter on terminology it is not only addressed to scientists or students, but will also be of use to every interested naturalist.

Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal - Cover

Orders: Koeltz Scientific Books - P.O Box 1360 - D-61453 - Koenigstein (Germany) Phone: +49 (0)6174 93720 - Fax: +49 (0)6174 937240

Veröffentlichungen ARCO

Biologie und Systematik der Amphibien Nepals

Dr. Christiane Anders

Herausgeber: Prof. Dr. H. Hermann Schleich /Arco-Nepal, München

Online Version, 2017, unverändert, ISBN 978-3-947497-00-3

Keywords: amphibians; systematics; key; checklist; distribution; morphology; biometry; parasitology; bioacoustics; ecology; scanning microscopy; SEM; Nepal.

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This study provides a detailed summary of the preliminarily available biological data and informations concerning the systematics of all known amphibian species of Nepal. Additionally a key to the amphibian families and species was compiled and a checklist to the known common names in Nepali, English and German is presented. For 45 out of 49 known and analysed amphibian species in total, multiple drawings and sketches were made to show and to explain specific characteristics. Additionally, the general distribution and range of species in Asia and the exact local records in Nepal are provided in maps. Furthermore a summary of the amphibian locality records in Nepal and an overview of amphibian species of adjacent areas was realised. Biometrical data are presented in a table, and a listing of old code numbers of the studied types of the BMNH in contrast to the new ones facilitate the use of this numbers. For selected species morphological, biometrical, ecological and parasitological investigations, as well as bioacoustical analyses of specific call structures and studies of scanning microscopy were carried out.

Orders: ARCO c/o Crtjo Sol y Vida, Pago los Oñas, E-04200 Tabernas

H. Hermann Schleich (Ed.)

Das andere Nepal (2001) pdf document

Exhibition Catalogue. German. 156 pages, 137 colour photographs. Paperback. EUR 12.30
ISBN 3-934921-03-5

Geleitwort S.E. des Botschafters des Königreiches von Nepal Balram Singh Malla
Grußwort des Präsidenten der Deutsch-Nepalischen Gesellschaft Ram Pratap Thapa

H.H. Schleich: Vorwort (2. & 1. Auflage)
H.H. Schleich: Nepal - Stichpunkte zur Landeskunde, Daten zur Geschichte
H.H. Schleich: Nepal - Schnittpunkt der Kulturen und Völker
Rahuls Srivastava: Eine kurze Entstehungsgeschichte des Himalayas und seiner jüngsten Vorgebirge
H.H. Schleich: Zur Geologie-Paläontologie der Siwlakis
H.H. Schleich: Zur Tier- und Pflanzenwelt Nepals
H.H. Schleich: Nationalparks im Terai Nepals
W. Kolbe: Käfer und Schmetterlinge Nepals
C. Anders, W. Kästle & H. Hermann Schleich: Die Amphibien und Reptilien Nepals
H.H. Schleich: Schildkrötenschutz in Nepal
W. Kästle; Neu entdekcte Wirbeltiere aus Nepal
C. Anders: Fischfang in Nepal
C. Anders: Heilige Tiere und ihr Bezug zur Götterwelt
E. Knieriem: Märchen aus einer anderen Welt (Übersetzung)
N. Rai, H.H. Schleich & R. Srivastava: Kurze und typische Gerichte Nepals
Christane C. Anders: Traditionelle Medizin in Nepal und Tibet
Rahul Srivastava & H.H. Schleich; Hinduismus - eine Weltreligion
C. Anders: Religiöse und Historische Feste in Nepal
R.P. Thapa: Volkstänze aus Nepal
H.H. Schleich: Thangkas - Bhuddhistische Rollbilder aus Nepal und Tibet
H.H. Schleich: Sprachhilfe und Glossar

Das andere Nepal - Cover

Orders: ARCO c/o Crtjo Sol y Vida, Pago los Oñas, E-04200 Tabernas

H. Hermann Schleich (Ed.)
Turtles of Nepal - A Children's Colouring Book (2003)

English/Nepali & English/German. 33 pages. Paperback.
ISBN: 3-87429-414-5 (English/German)
ISBN: 3-934921-01-9 (English/Nepali)
EUR 4.50 -- without shipping

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Turtles of Nepal      Turtles of Nepal

Veröffentlichungen ARCO

Contributions to the Herpetology of South-Asia (Nepal, India)

Herausgeber: Prof. Dr. H. Hermann Schleich/ARCO-Nepal, München

Online Version, 2017 , unverändert, ISBN 97 8 -3-947497 - 01-0

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Studies on Tylototriton verrucosus (Amphibia: Caudata)

Anders, C. C., Schleich, H. H. & Shah, K.B.: Contributions to the Biology of Tylototriton verrucosus Anderson 1871 from East Nepal (Amphibia: Caudata, Salamandridae)
Anders, C.C., El-Matbuli, M & Hoffmann, R.W.: Oxyurid Nematode Parasite of the Intestine of Tylototriton verrucosus Anderson 1871
Haller-Probst, M.: Contributions to the Osteology of Tylototriton verrucosus Anderson 1871 and T. shanjing Nussbaum et al. 1995 (Amphibia: Caudata, Salamandridae)

Miscellanea Batrachologica
Schleich, H.H. & Anders, C.C.: Tomopterna maskeyi spec. nov. from Nepal (Amphibia, Anura)
Anders, C.C., Diener, A. & Schleich, H.H.: First record of Polypedates taeniatus (Boulenger, 1906) from Nepal (Amphibia, Anura: Rhacophoridae)

Studies on the Biology of the Genus Sitana (Sauria: Agamidae)

Schleich, H.H., Kästle, W. & Shah, K.B.: Description of Sitana sivalensis spec. nov., (Sauria: Agamidae) from South Nepal
Schleich, H.H. & Kästle, W.: SEM Studies on the Morphology of Sitana sivalensis spec.nov. and Sitana ponticeriana Cuvier 1829
Kästle, W.: Studies on the Ecology and Behaviour of Sitana sivalensis spec. nov. Schleich, H.H. & Kästle, W.: Sitana fusca spec.nov., a further Species from the Sitana sivalensis - Complex
Anders, C.C. & Schleich, H.H.: Brief Notes on the Anatomy of the Female Urogenital Tract of Sitana sivalensis

Studies on the Systematics and Biology of the Genus Japalura (Sauria: Agamidae)
Kästle, W. & Schleich, H.H.: Notes on Comparative Ethology and Taxonomy of the Genus Japalura
Kästle,W. & Schleich, H.H.: Contributions to the Biology of Japalura kumaonensis (Annandale, 1907)

Schleich, H.H.& Kästle, W.: Description of Gonydactylus nepalensis spec. nov. from the Inner Terai of Far West Nepal (Reptilia: Sauria: Gekkonidae)
Schleich, H.H. & Maskey, T.M.: Necessity for a Turtle Conservation in Nepal
Maskey, T.M., Kölle, P., Hoffmann, R.W., Anders, C.C. & Schleich, H.H.: Disastrous Impact of Intestinal Infection in captive bred Gharial Hatchlings

Patnaik, R. & Schleich, H. H.: Fossil Microreptiles from Pliocene Siwalik Sediments of India
Bajpai, S., Sahni, A. & Schleich, H.H.: Late Cretaceous Gekkonid Egg Shells from the Deccan Intertrappeans of Kutch (India)
Sahni, A., Singh, S., Gaffney, E. & Schleich, H.H.: Reptilia from the Intertrappean Beds of Bombay (India)

Orders: ARCO c/o Crtjo Sol y Vida, Pago los Oñas, E-04200 Tabernas


Cabo Verde 30 yrs ago - In Search for the Giant Cape Verde scincid lizard, Macroscincus coctei

Budoholi -First INGO Turtle Rescue & Conservation Centre in SE-Nepal

ARCO-NEPAL: Research - Awareness – Education – Conservation

ARCO Spain Summer 2017: A visit to Arco-Spain - Exotic Animal Rescue Centre & volunteer's days

Nepal Turtles in Peril [132MB]

Das Andere Nepal

Das Andere Nepal Video

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"Artenschutz in Nepal"

Auf den Spuren bedrohter Amphibien & Reptilien - Tei1: Schildkröten

A documentary movie by H. Hermann Schleich

Camera & tone: H. Hermann Schleich
Cutting: Andreas Diener

The movie gives an impression of the work of ARCO-Nepal on-site and the difficulties of turtle conservation.
Available on Video (german, VHS-PAL EUR 15.30) or CD (german, SVCD-PAL (EUR 7.40) & MS-AVI (EUR 6.10).
The Video includes an interview (english) with Dr. Tirtha M. Maskey (Dept. National Parks & Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC) Nepal / Kathmandu).
Runtime: 28 min. 12 sec.

Artenschutz in Nepal - VIDEO      Artenschutz in Nepal - CD

Orders: ARCO c/o Crtjo Sol y Vida, Pago los Oñas, E-04200 Tabernas


Orders: ARCO c/o Crtjo Sol y Vida, Pago los Oñas, E-04200 Tabernas

2012: New Posters for the Herpetological Section of Natural History Museum Kathmandu

Poster        Poster
Poster        Poster
Poster        Poster
Poster        Poster
Poster        Poster

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation


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Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal - Frogs, Toads & Salamander (Amphibia)


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Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal - Lizards (Reptilia, Sauria)


EUR 2.50 (Set: EUR 8) + postage

Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal - Snakes (Reptilia, Serpentes)


EUR 2.50 (Set: EUR 8) + postage

Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal - Turtles, Tortoises & Crocodiles (Reptilia)


EUR 2.50 (Set: EUR 8) + postage

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